Ana Maria Santos

I am married and have two kids. I thank God for meeting Lula, since we know her we haven't stopped working!

I am really proud to be a part of this project, because I have known and learned things that before I didn't even imagined.

Now I can give my kids a better education and nutrition with the money I make. Lula has helped us enormously, without her help, we would not be growing in different areas of our lives. I like the fact that with our work, we are also helping our communities. The men collect the seeds we work with, sell them to us and everyone goes home with a little money for their families.

From Lula we have learned to combine colors, but more importantly, she has taught us to be more confident, to speak for ourselves and to feel valuable, when before we were shy and afraid.

Since we met her, our life has changed. We feel happy with each new order we get, because that means bringing happiness into our homes and covering our basic needs and contributing to our household. I am grateful because now we have hope. That hope is Lula.