Ana Mindy Gomez Hernandez

I am a married mother of two boys. I would like to first, thank God for meeting Lula, because the fact that I work with her, represents for me a big opportunity to reach a lot of personal goals and also work in something that I like. I am sure that thanks to the work she has given us, we will make it.

Working with Lula has improved the way I live and my family's lifestyle: now I can contribute to our household income, buy my children better clothes and food.

I also want to thank my husband, for understanding and supporting my work. Many times he helps with the kids and the house chores while I am working.

Being a part of this group of women artisans, helps me also to enjoy their company, to present and discuss my ideas and to feel free an fulfilled.

Lula is a woman with a big heart, selfless, that cares about other people and is always there to give us support.