María Fidelina Ramirez

I am a mother of 2 girls and a boy. I thank God for the moment we found Lula. We have been working with her for about 3 years. She has always supported us.
Before meeting her, we used to try to sell our products only at small local fairs, where we traveled to, when invited. Thanks to Lula, we have a steady income now. With the money we make, we are helping our families. Sometimes, the money our husbands make is not enough and now we can help out to the whole household. Lula has always supported us and not left us alone.
Since I started working with Lula, I make more money than my husband! That has allowed us to give our kids education, clothes and a better future. Last year, my son graduated the 9th grade and thanks to the work we do, I was able to buy everything he needed to graduate, which made me very happy!
I am grateful to Lula for being that light that is leading our way.