Social impacts


Today the women who work at Lula Mena earn up to 4 times more than what their husbands earn, turning them into the main provider of their homes. This allows them to be able to make important decisions about their lives, such as providing health care and education for their children.


The norm in the rural areas is that children between 10 to 12 years old will work the fields with his parents, taking care of crops.
The children of the women who work at Lula Mena, are the first ones in their families who are receiving a higher education. This year we will have the second generation of College graduates.


All the artisans that work with us, have their own home and those who did not have it, have built it, allowing them to live in better conditions. They don’t have to share one house with different family members.


The Young women from the community are changing their mentality and now they don´t aspire to immigrate to the United States to get a better life. They have seen that they can get a decent job and improve their life in their own community. Our challenge is to continue to grow, to be able to offer more young people, the opportunity to work at Lula Mena.


Another major challenge was to gain the approval of husbands and relatives of the women since nobody agreed at the beginning that they should work. Now, their husbands prepare dinner, help them with the care of the children and support them fully in their jobs. In rural areas, were machismo is really strong, this is a big change of social schemes.