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Waves of Hope 

I decided to call the project this way because the waves, as they come and go, is the hope that should never end. Hope is the last thing that should be lost and it’s what gives meaning to everything we do.

This project has as main objective the economic empowerment of a group of 20 women from rural communities in the department of La Libertad, so that they can improve their quality of life, that of their children and their community. The economic empowerment of the women's community will be done through the teaching of the loom technique of 2 frames. By learning this new craft, they will have the ability to create the products that will be designed by me and marketed through my brand nationally and internationally.

The products that will be created will be representative of La Libertad and will contribute to the preservation of the traditional technique of manual weaving, thus encouraging the national identity. All of the above framed within the guidelines of fair trade.



Behind the scene