The Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft is the first and only consumer-facing mark, certifying that products from fashion to home decor are not just handcrafted—but Ethically handcrafte

We proudly announce that Lula Mena has been certified with the Ethical Handcrafted Seal from the NEST Organization which certifies compliance with more than 100 ethical NEST standards like the commitment to transparency in the supply chain, workers' welfare, fair payment, an adequate workspace and environment free of discrimination, harassment, and any type or form of child labor in our handcraft chain production.

Lula Mena's products that come from our communities are made by hand in an ethical form and possess the NEST Organization seal. When buying products that possess the NEST seal, you’re supporting the handcrafted ethic and helping build a new economy that will promote rights and well-being for the artisans.