Faced with the need of the electric power company DELSUR to remove more than 60 thousand electric power meters and replace them with a new generation of meters, plus Lula’s desire to preserve traditional techniques and economically empower groups of women, Lula developed a Corporate Social Responsibility project for DELSUR, that could generate positive social, cultural and environmental impact. The project Weaving Hopes was developed under our brand principles:
Through this project, discarded materials have been repurposed; specifically, to date, more than 10,000 copper wire spools that are found inside the uninstalled meters, to create unique and original products.
An important aspect that was included in this project was the contribution to the preservation of the traditional technique of weaving in lever looms, which is disappearing. This was done by training women to weave with them. To make this possible, it was necessary to redesign the lever loom and adapt it to women’s ergonomics.
Traditionally, the use of the lever loom had only been for the development of men. Since Lula’s work vision is the empowerment of women, 13 women from the area of Santiago Texacuangos, an area of high social risk, were trained in the use of the lever loom so that they could become self-sustained and be able to make their own decisions.
The fourth component is innovation. The novelty of all this is that Lula has designed and produced collections of personal and home accessories using fabrics woven with copper wire from the uninstalled meters, offering to national and international markets products of innovative design.

The collections produced, starting with this project, have stood out internationally in events such as: 

  • Finalist in the Design Biennials in Spain 
  • Finalist in the category “Best Product 2016” in the NY NOW Fair of New York among more than 80,000 products
  • Cover of the exhibitors' guide of NY NOW 2017 among more than 50,000 finalists products
  • Reference of the tendency of world color by Sherwin Williams
  • The designs have formed part of Hollywood’s Oscar Gifting Suites and the Cannes Film Festival, where they were worn by celebrities on the red carpets.

Waves of Hope is a joint project with the electricity company Delsur, USAID, and the SolucionES project, that seeks to economically empower a group of 20 women in communities in the rural area of the Department of La Libertad, so that they may improve their quality of life, that of their children and their communities. This project has been developed under our brand principles: 

  • A group of women has been trained in the technique of weaving in a double-frame loom, thus contributing to its preservation and to the identity of the country. 
  • Natural raw materials of the area have been repurposed for the creation of the designs, such as fish scales and shark bones that are discarded by fishermen. 
  • Economic empowerment of the group is achieved through the manufacture of products designed by Lula, giving sustainable employment that enables them to be independent. 

The collections of products made as of this project have stood out internationally. For example:      

  • Finalist in the Design Biennials in Spain
  • The designs appeared at the Cannes Film Festival, where they were worn by celebrities on their red carpets.