"Many crafting techniques were disappearing in El Salvador as a result of crafts being unappreciated and undervalued. Then and there I decided to contribute to their preservation, since they give us an identity as a country, through the creation of products with contemporary designs.  That is how I decided to begin to work with communities of artisans."



"Lula Mena makes "nests" and presents them from the particular significance they have and have had during her entire life, especially during the last few years. They are her particular vision of self, its link between nature and humanity, her most intimate part, which she now exposes so that it is known in a more extensive and detailed dimension."

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Full Circle Earrings - Lula Mena

Lula Mena

Full Circle Earrings

$ 145.00

Handmade earrings. Made with copper wire from uninstalled energy meters, crystals and leather.


Size: 3.75 x 2.5 Inches