Delsur has been our strategic partner since 2015, forming part of projects that promote economic empowerment of groups of women in rural areas, as well as of art. These projects have had social, cultural and environmental impact in our country.


The USAID/ El Salvador program has supported, since 2014, the activities for entering international markets, brand positioning and productive chains that have allowed us to increase our work every year, in a sustainable manner, with more artisans and groups of women.


We have made efforts with SigmaQ to repurpose surplus fabrics and paper from their production and create with them pieces of art and collections of products that offer work opportunities to the groups of women and artisans that form part of our brand.


The SOLUCIONES Project is formed by FUSADES, Glasswing, FEPADE and FUSAL. With the support of this project, we developed a project to provide economic empowerment to a group of women from La Libertad Port, to energize the economy and reduce violence in this Department.



A Law firm that since 2014 protects our brand and designs under the figure of Intellectual Property; becoming an important part of our team with their knowledge and experience.