“Seeds of Joy” is our community of brave women who decided to take on the challenge of believing in themselves and turning it into opportunities to improve their quality of life and that of their families. Together with Lula, six women started this voyage in 2011 with the disapproval of their husbands, since ‘machismo’ is prevalent in this community, but with the illusion of gaining independence. Today, this community is formed by 14 women who are an example for future generations: perseverance is rewarded and problems can be overcome. 

Each woman has been trained by Lula in different craftsmanship techniques to produce her lines of accessories with natural seeds which grow organically in El Salvador

The seeds that this community uses to make each design becomes joy and hope for the life of each of its women. 


  • ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT: Women in this community are the main providers of their homes, allowing them to make their own decisions and be self-sufficient.
  • EDUCATION: 100% of the women send their children to school.
  • MIGRATION: Young women in this community no longer aspire to immigrate to other countries, since they can see that they can improve the quality of their lives within their community with the sustainable work that Lula provides.
  • HOUSING: Women of this community have been able to build their own houses when in the past several related families lived in a single home. Having their own home gives them security and independence. Read more
  • CHANGE IN SOCIAL PATTERNS: It is possible to see empowered women of this community, taking control of their lives and their decisions, self-assured, full of joy, and living with the support in their work by all the members of their families.