Within this community where, traditionally, only men had developed the technique of weaving with a lever loom, our Weaving Hope community is born. 

This community of women has been trained in the creation of textiles woven in lever looms, made with copper wire from electric power meters no longer in use by the DELSUR electric power company. 

Likewise, each woman has been trained by Lula in several handcrafting techniques, such as macramé and crochet, to manufacture lines of accessories with copper wire and textiles for the home woven with these same materials. 

In order to pass on the technique of weaving with a level loom, the loom was redesigned and adapted to woman’s ergonomics, managing to create new work opportunities for women. 


  • ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT: We have created sustainable and fair work opportunities for women of this community, since the majority of them did not have stable work before Lula Mena came into their lives.
  • EDUCATION: 100% of the women send their children to school.
  • MIGRATION: Young women in this community no longer aspire to migrate to another country since they can see that they can improve their quality of life within their community with the sustainable work that Lula provides.
  • NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Working with the lever loom and the handcraft techniques allow each woman to access new work opportunities due to the training they received from Lula Mena.
  • CHANGE IN SOCIAL PATTERNS: One can now see the women in this empowered community taking control of their lives and their decisions, with self-confidence, full of joy, and being supported in their work by all the members of their families.
  • PRESERVATION OF TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES: Each of Lula’s designs, made by the community, contributes to the preservation of the weaving technique in lever looms when it was at present disappearing.