In the ordinary sense, a nest is a construction made by birds to lay their eggs and care for their chicks. But nests have a crucial symbolic meaning, above all, due to their invariable purpose: ensure the future, gather efforts, take in, protect, propitiate survival and teach how to fly. A nest is as real and necessary as it is intimate and magic; it is both the limit and the starting point of existence.

Lula Mena makes "nests" and presents them from the particular significance they have and have had during her entire life, especially during the last few years. They are her particular vision of self, its link between nature and humanity, her most intimate part, which she now exposes so that it is known in a more extensive and detailed dimension.

The completion of the work –in life, frequently the hardest- is also the result of interwoven factors. Lula shows nests as what they are: a creative evidence of nature, shelters built with multiple materials and in usually unheard of places: bushes, branches, rocks, trees; cavities in  logs, cliffs and walls; cracks in buildings and, even, suspended from trees and cables. But in addition, Lula dimensions anew the functionality of the nest with the challenge of creating systematically, investigating and, with the participation of multiple efforts, producing. The result: Works to be contemplated from nearby and from afar. Nearby: to explore the careful weavings that include branches and logs, but also, unusual seeds or scales, and even copper threads, leather and resins. From afar: to appreciate the full dimension of challenging and unexpected creations, diverse and simple spaces, warm and welcoming, enclosures of suspended emotions.

Art is that entity which possesses characteristics that transform, whether for the person who uses it or for the one who appreciates it; but ultimately it can be a mechanism to transform lives giving everyone an opportunity in a country that needs it so much.