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Lula Mena's Shop

For more than eleven years, Lula Mena's showroom destination has drawn people from around the world to experience a different kind of shopping and to learn how Lula has inspired women who are rising out of poverty into self-authorized lives and helping their communities in El Salvador.

Shop entrance

Here's how you, your friends, and your family can enjoy the visit and their experience:

  • Begin with an introduction of the story about the heritage skills of our artisan partners and how Lula went about designing with them, view her awards, and learn about the principles and projects Lula Mena has achieved.
  • Take a walk through our hall where you will find our principles and a peaceful little garden.
Shop Hall

  • Enjoy a private shopping experience in our showroom, with our team available to help stylize you and your friends, and hear from them how our products are elaborated.
  • You can shop relaxed and calmly with an open garden and perfect breeze. You can take diverse workshops (ceramic and dreamcatcher workshops) on several dates of the year to learn techniques and have a nice time with friends or family. (Our workshops are private and limited, we post them on several days of the month).


Contact Lula Mena's Shop manager via email ( or, or call +503 7203-8524, with your preferred date(s), party size, and any add-on experiences.

We look forward to your visit!