Thread by thread, stories that have been transmitted from generation to generation are woven in this community, to create textiles that carry in their design its cultural identity.  

Located in a place where 40 years ago there were more than 50 artisans and 200 looms engaged in weaving in lever looms, our community Hand-woven Stories is the only one that survives, led by artisanal master Mr. Don Ciro Castro. 

Don Ciro learned the technique of weaving in a lever loom from his father and passed it on to new generations, who at present are the ones that produce the lines of textile accessories that Lula designs for the home. 

This community is formed by young men and women who keep this technique alive through the sustainable and fair work in which they develop it.


  • ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT: We have created sustainable and fair work opportunities for this community, since the majority of men and women that form it did not have stable work before Lula Mena came into their lives.
  • EDUCATION: 100% of the men and women of this community send their children to school.
  • MIGRATION: Youths in this community no longer aspire to immigrate to another country when they see that they can improve their quality of life within their community with the sustainable work that Lula provides.
  • CHANGE IN SOCIAL PATTERNS: One can now see the women in this empowered community taking control of their lives and decisions, with self-confidence, full of joy, and being supported in their work by all the members of their families.
  • PRESERVATION OF TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES: Each of Lula’s designs, made by the community, contributes to the preservation of the weaving technique in lever looms when it was at present disappearing.