Dreamcatcher Workshop with Lula Mena

Lula's Workshop


Live a new experience with Lula, an artisanal designer, and ontological coach; who, through coaching techniques, will give you the necessary tools to trace your purposes and focus your life on your personal goals. 
Our workshops are personalized for private groups or business groups that wish to motivate or enhance their teams' talent and growth.
Lula´s Workshop
Lula´s Workshops


  • Live a fun experience that will allow you to connect with your interior to potentialize your personal growth through art and design.
  • Your team members will stabilize clear personal goals that will help them reach their best version, which will positively impact your business.
  • Create a sense of belonging and esteem towards the company.
  • Recognize the effort of the team with an original gift that will leave them with a different kind of experience.
  • Impact on the Lula Mena Foundation for the development of programs focused on women empowerment in risk areas of our country.

    Ceramic Workshop at Lula Mena

     The perfect spot to learn ceramic techniques. Join us on our ceramic workshops and have an unforgettable experience creating personalized pieces.

    • Have a great and unforgettable time with family or friends.
    • Available for businesses and their team members.
    If you're interested in a workshop, please complete the form below:
    *The workshops take place in El Salvador